Dedicated to a loved Spirit who has walked along in our lives

Christopher E. Douglass

August 25, 1979 - May 31, 2008
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Letter to Pops
A Fathers Day Gift from Chris


Well, itís your 28th Fatherís Day since Iíve been around. This isnít the first time you havenít had a big fancy gift from me to open and it probably wonít be the last. But I donít think youíll mind.

One of the greatest things youíve taught me is to appreciate more than the tangible. You instilled in me a respect for the things in life that are there for all of us to enjoy if we look hard enough Ė love, friendship, clean air, cribbage Ė while still managing to spoil me rotten. You gave me all the things most parents, including your own, couldnít afford, but never let me forget that those things arenít what matter most.

So what does matter most? Integrity? Friendship? Family? Love? Happiness? Health? Success? Along with cribbage and cold beer I think itís safe to say weíve covered our bases. So how do I achieve all those things? Thatís where you come in.

For nearly 28 years now youíve been trying to teach me how to get what I want. Youíve attached a moral to every conversation weíve had. Youíve lead by example. Youíve praised and youíve reprimanded. Youíve taught me more than anyone else Iíve ever met. Youíve filled my head with countless lessons, and although I havenít always heeded them, theyíre up there. Theyíre up there simmering, reducing, condensing. 28 years has rendered them down to a simple set of principles to live by:

            Be Nice

            Be Honest

            Be Thankful

Thatís it isnít it? Thatís what itís all about. I truly believe I could forget everything Iíve learned about religion, history, politics, the arts, and sales, follow these three principles and succeed beyond my wildest dreams. Likewise, I could study every religion, every history book, every politician, every work of art and every sales strategy, leave these three principles out and fall flat on my face. I would add patience to the list, but itís not a quality you and I share (itís the Murphy in me). So I must forgo the patience and strike off with my new six-word doctrine.

Thereís no gift I can give you to express my gratitude for what youíve taught me. All I can do is say thanks and try my best to make you proud.

Thanks Dad. Happy Fatherís Day.


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