Dedicated to a loved Spirit who has walked along in our lives

Christopher E. Douglass

August 25, 1979 - May 31, 2008
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Dreams in Action - Marshall Ulrich

Badwater 2008 with Marshall Ulrich

Tributes to Chris
Marshall Ulrich
Badwater 2008

Badwater had been on Chris' mind quite a bit. He explained how the most difficult race in the world be a great & feasible plan for him to accomplish. 146 miles. Hot blazing sun. Shoes melting on the pavement. Chris admired Marshall for his accomplishments especially the Badwater quad he created & completed.

Marshall Ulrich ran Badwater for his 21st time in 2008, to the Summit of Mt. Whitney, in memory of Chris.

Chris had been inspired by Marshall to reach out for his dreams. He took some amazing leaps and understood the importance of his goals and being ready for opportunity.

We hope that Marshall's feats inspire you as well!
As he would say...."Discover what you're made of".


From Heather ...

ENJOY Marshall's Badwater 2008 photos - Click HERE

You can view photos taken by Dr. Paul - including photos climbing the mountaineer's route on Whitney HERE

You can view photos taken by Jill Anderson HERE


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Tumbledown Stone for Chris
Gracelawn Plaque for Chris
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Tribute from the Trail Monsters
Bradbury Scuffle
Tribute from Marshall Ulrich at Badwater 2008
Tribute from Glen & Pat - Wilderness 100
Tribute from Art Jones
GeoCache Tribute from Small World Treks
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Chris & Yuliya running the Cactus Cha Cha
Arizona 2007

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